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Teenager Relentlessly beaten over a video game contest – Competitive Gaming at its worst?

Recently, a teenage boy was relentlessly attacked and beaten over a competition involving a video game. A father, in the Malaysian city of Seremban, was caught hitting and kicking a teenager after he was instructed to throw the game against the man’s son who was competing against him.

The teenager who was attacked was initially offered a bribe to throw the game against the man’s son, which he accepted, but decided that he would still go on to win the game and pocket the bribe. The video game competition was taking place inside of a store located within a shopping mall.

The man who committed these despicable acts was fed up that his son kept losing to the same boy, and rather than letting a fair match play out, he decided to bribe the victim. Although the father may have been said to have had good intentions, as some would think that he did this to boost his son’s confidence after a hard day of losing in this competition, there is NO act/s that justify the actions that took place. Both bribery and physical assault are serious crimes and can come with criminal sentences in many countries.

Upon the victim’s victory, the father began by throwing a chair at the teenager and kicking him several times moments after that.

According to local sources, it has been confirmed that the boy was placed in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The suspect has reportedly been arrested and investigations are planned to continue as the case and evidence develops.


Photo provided by: Australscope

Justifyingly so, the video was shared on social media and gained the attention of tens of thousands who shared and viewed the video.

But what is to come out of such virality and recognition of this horrific act? I am here to hopefully shed some light on this by exploring the effects of gaming on mental health. The reason this is so important is because the World Health Organisation (WHO) just recently announced that Gaming Disorder is an internationally recognised mental health condition.

From this story, the negative effects of gaming, mainly competitive gaming in this case, can be seen. This is true as no sound-minded person would act like this over a virtual video game. This case should not set an example for his son or any members of the gaming community. Gaming can affect people in many different ways, and this case emphasises that it does not only have to be the player that can be affected.

I surely hope this story brings some light to what is becoming a serious issue in the gaming world, as evident in many recent headlines involving video games and violence.

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