[Closed] FORUM RULES  


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19/01/2019 12:49 pm  

1. Insults / Harassment 

No insults or harassment. Any posts that exemplifies these traits will be removed instantly. 

2. Off Topic Posts

All posts must be related to each topic. Any off topic posts will be removed. 

3. Spam / Advertisements 

No excessive self promotion. Promotion only allowed for approved Content Creators and other creators. No advertisements, referrals, donations, or fundraisers without prior moderator approval.

4. Cheats / Hacks / Exploits

Any explanation or attempt at cheating, hacking, or exploiting is not allowed. It is against Terms of use for these forums and for the game itself.

5. Quality of Posts

Keep the quality of the posts as high as possible. Will create a better experience for each user, and ultimately the community as a whole.