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Command & Conquer: Rivals – Ultimate Beginner Guide

The recent adaptation of the renowned strategy game Command & Conquer has just been developed and released by EA Redwood Studios. With its recent release, I thought I would write up a beginner guide for those who are looking to start the game the best way they can. Firstly, I highly recommend playing very close attention to the tutorial, as everything you need to know about basic gameplay is outlined and provided to you with step-by-step guides. However, it is best to keep in mind that the tutorial is nothing like the actual competitive PvP games you will face once you complete the tutorial.

Now, let’s jump into right after you have finished the tutorial. There are an array of upgrades and milestones you can complete in order to progress. In order to best outline my beginner’s guide, I will be doing it step-by-step to ensure the easiest possible read for all who come across this guide.

Step 1: Factions& unit abilities

There are two different factions in the game; one being the GDI and the other being Nod (Nod only becomes unlockable once youreach player level 9). Ensure that you become familiar with your faction. By this I mean that you should get to know all of the abilities and strengths/weaknesses of each unit. Some units are strong against other units and weaker against others, knowing the ins-and-outs for each unit’s strengths and weaknesses is important to ensure that you have the best chance at ensuring victory for yourself in PvP.

Step 2: Training/levelling units + Commanders

Understand how to train and level up your units, as well as your Commanders. Be sure to read up on each Commander’s abilities, as each one brings a unique touch to your PvP games. My recommendations on the best Commander for each side would be Gen for GDI and Kane for NOD. Both Commanders bring great strategies to your matches and provide for some interesting and clutch moments! Now onto training and levelling up your units. Be sure you learn all about how to level and train your units. Training is required in order to level up your unit, so be sure to manage your resources so you only upgrade the required units. I would recommend only levelling the units you use every game, and then focus on other units once you can level them up to the point where they are viable in PvP.

Step 3: PvPstrategies

Now onto strategies for PvP matches. Ensure that you set up a harvester as early on as possible, this will ensure that you are gaining as many crystals as possible in order to try and out number and produce your opponent. In regards to a PvP strategy, I would go for the opponents harvester (if they have one) and take that out. If you do so, you will immediately decrease their crystal production and therefore be able to outnumber/overwhelm them in the short-run, which will set you up with a great chance of victory!

Step 4:Quests and the Shop

in order to unlock new troops, upgrade them, acquire crates, and obtain the currency needed to accomplish a number of tasks, you must level up your player level and win your PvP matches to unlock new units for battle. Each time you win, you will steadily make your way into a new league, which will unlock new units and rewards every time you improve your league ranking and reach a new one. Credits/coins are obtained through winning matches, completing tasks and opening crates. Crates can also be acquired in the shop, as well as daily cards. Both are either purchased with credits or diamonds (the in-game premium currency). Be sure to take advantage of the daily cards, as there are some great deals to save up for and take advantage of!

Step 5:Find an active Alliance

An Alliance is where you join a group of like-minded players and share/gain units. You can gain units by requesting them, just how you can donate troops by fulfilling other Alliance members requests for them.  I highly recommend that you make unit requests and donations every day. This is the best way to ensure that you are improving your factions as fast as possible!

Step 6: Besure to play daily!

Playing daily willensure that you receive units from your Alliance to improve your Factions, aswell as ensuring that you level up at the fastest rate possible. Anotherimportant aspect of playing daily is your bounties. Bounties are 5objectives that you can complete to receive great daily rewards and crates, sobe sure to do them every day so you don’t miss out on great rewards and ways toimprove your roster! 

I hope this helped you on your journey with C&C Rivals.Be sure to let me know if you want any more guides or would like to contributeto the site yourself by writing a similar article! Good luck and game hard!


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